Our Firm

We are a service-driven company providing our clients with value through innovation and proactive engineering solutions. Our engineering solutions meet client expectations while protecting the public interests.


First and foremost, we offer our clients a valuable service. We communicate the ideas expressed by our clients and transform those ideas into the details of engineered mechanical and electrical building systems.


So often the road to completing a project can be frustrating, confusing, and surprising. When you work with our firm and our proactive approach to building and system design, these roads will have few, if any, pot holes to frustrate, confuse, or surprise you.

Using our design process, you will have clear, concise reasoning for the mechanical and electrical systems you install in your building. We ask the right questions and fill in the details so when a question arises, you have the supporting history for your system decisions. In short, the details are worked out before the building begins.

Protecting the public

Protecting the public interest doesn't end with meeting building codes. It starts there and continues in protecting your interests through out your project.

Every owner has questions in the back of their mind when approaching a construction project. We ensure that your project meets the building codes, along with meeting your expectations.

Here are several questions every owner should ask during the design and construction process.

  • Will this project be a good value?
  • Will I receive the equipment I paid for at bid time?
  • Will my heating and cooling system be as energy efficient as expected?
  • Will my lighting system give me a pleasant and efficient environment?
  • Do I have enough power and comunications outlets to support the equipment in my building?

The answer to these and other such questions is YES, if we are involved with your project.