Cain Thomas Associates  provides engineering design services for nursing and medical facilities.

Nursing / Medical

Cain Thomas Associates designs nursing and medical facilities in two venues. The first is within the hospital and clinic arena. The second is in the realm of nursing home and support care facilities.

There are design similarities between the two types of care facilities, but selecting a design team that recognizes the small differences is crucial to successfully meeting client needs. We have the design experience to successfully design systems in both venues.

Mankato Lutheran Home

Mankato Lutheran Home Remodel Project.

A 2005 project where the early 20th century portion of the existing building will be torn down and replaced with a new 21,000 square foot addition. Portions of the exiting building will also be upgraded for modernization.

This remodel will include major mechanical and electrical system changes because the original campus building housed primary heating and electrical service entrance equipment.

Cook County Hospital

Cook County Hospital has been a client of Cain Thomas for over a decade

We have serviced the Cook County Hospital for over a decade. The latest multi-phased construction project demolished obsolete surgical rooms to make room for an administrative office expansion. It also included a new facility food service addition to support the growing hospital.

Villa Healthcare

Villa Healthcare's HVAC system required upgrade when a new wing was added to the facility.

This facility received a new dementia wing with 14 new resident rooms. Included in the project were major system upgrades to the existing electrical service and the existing building's HVAC system. The electrical service was at capacity and the requirements for outside air were not adequate for current codes.