Cain Thomas specializes in outdoor lighting design and engineering.

Parks / Recreations

We welcome the opportunity to work with Civil Engineers and Landscape Architects in developing streetscapes, parks, memorials, and building grounds. We possess the technical expertise to develop light level submittals that cities require and the design finesse to accent any structure or landscape.

City, county, and private clients appreciate the planning that design professionals offer for their main street, building, or exterior center piece. When we work with the design team through out the planning stages, the result is development and implementation of a stunningly accented exterior showcase.

Our outdoor lighting designers specialize in systems ranging from park pathway lighting and street lighting to building accent lighting and landscape highlighting. Let us help you with your outdoor lighting needs.

Outdoor Sculpture

Cain Thomas designed the lighting to accent Foster Willie's Centrifuge sculpture.

We were asked to accent Foster Willie's Centrifuge sculpture with lighting that would be as indiscrete as possible and that would still allow the artist the flexibility to adjust the lighting after it was installed. In addition, the lighting system had to be economically priced since it was developed near the end of the construction process. The nighttime accent lighting exceeded everyone's expectations.

Nicollet Mall Banner Poles

Cain Thomas has an ongoing partnership with Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis, MN to provide engineering services.

We have been part of the constant rejuvenation of the Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis. Cain Ouse Associates was involved in the decision process for upgrading and repairing the banner poles located all along the mall. We needed to be conscious of the client's need to maintain the integrity and character of the mall.

Harrison Park

Cain Thomas worked closed with the Minneapolis Park System to design park lighting that offered park visitors safely lit walkways.

The Minneapolis park system upgraded their play areas in several parks. Accompanying the upgrade was an improvement in the security site lighting. We designed a walkway lighting system to safely guide people along the park's paved walks. We worked with the city parks department to meet their standards in lighting type and pole installation.