Private School Engineering Services

Private Schools

Private school expansions exploded after the turn of the millennia. Our experiences in building and remodeling of public schools during the end of the century carried over to meet the needs in the continuing trend of growth of private schools.

We enjoy working with private education clients because they are so often interested in much more than just the building they are receiving. They are interested in developing relationships with the people who participate in helping them achieve their goals.

Shattuck - St. Mary

Cain Thomas upgraded the mechanical and electrical systems while staying true to the 150 year old architecture.

This campus is nearly 150 years old. Working on this campus presents unique challenges that we approach with careful detail. Any work done must respect the heritage and architecture of this area of the Twin Cities. Mechanical and electrical systems must integrate into the architecture.

The age of the mechanical and electrical systems supporting the campus span over 100 years. As the systems are changed and updated, we have followed the larger vision of the master plan while tailoring new systems for unique existing conditions. The ongoing work has been fun and rewarding.

Salem Lutheran School

Cain Thomas has worked with Salem Luthern School for over a decade on multiple improvements.

Cain Thomas Associates has returned several times to work on a design build team at Salem Lutheran Church & School in Stillwater, MN. Over the course of a decade, the church and school have been upgraded and expanded on three occasions. The owner/design team/contractor relationship has been so successful that each portion of the team returns to support the next phase.

We work very well in a team building atmosphere where each member complements and supports the other. This client's projects are a shining example of how well the system works.

St. Croix Catholic School

Cain Thomas worked with the St. Croix Catholic School to upgrade their building engineered sysetms and install a technology cabling infrastructure. St. Croix Catholic School Expansion
St. Croix Catholic School in Stillwater, MN underwent a major renovation and addition to their existing facility. Portions of the existing building were torn down and other portions were preserved for historical purposes. All of the building engineered systems were upgraded and a technology cabling infrastructure was included.