Cain T homas provides engineering design services to many religious facilities.


We pride ourselves in the quality of work we do for religious organizations. Every congregation has unique needs, worship style, and monetary abilities. Each engineering design is specially tailored to work within the congregational boundaries while supporting the design architect's program.

The special talent Cain Ouse Associates has for designing religious facilities has earned us the privilege of designing no less than three new or renovated buildings each year since the turn of the century.

United Methodist

United Methodist's electrical and HVAC systems were updated to accomodate a new expansion.

This facility was expanded to support a growing congregation. Along with new classroom space for Sunday school, the building electrical service was upgraded, and new heating and cooling systems were added to existing spaces.

Family of Christ Sanctuary

A new lighting control system was installed at the Family of Christ Sanctuary

This sanctuary received a number of specialty systems that many congregations are using during worship services. The lighting control system is integrated with the sound console control and video recording system. The screen projection system also integrates directly with the sound and lighting systems to literally activate with a touch of one button.

Family of Christ Church

An underground geo-source well field was installed at the Family of Christ Church.

This photograph not only shows the new facility, but also its underground geo-source well field area. Several of our clients have decided to eliminate the cost of natural gas from their annual budgets. If you are interested in knowing more, see our Mechanical Specialties or call us for information.

Hope Lutheran Church Narthex

Cain Thomas provided engineering design services for the new narthex at Hope Lutheran Church.

The narthex is the first space visitors see in nearly every church. The members of Hope Lutheran Church needed a long, functional space to interface between their main sanctuary, their multipurpose space and their offices. This narthex offered them an open space to gather and greet each other, or simply meet to share fellowship.