Public works facility engineering services.

Vehicle Maintenance / Public Works

Vehicle maintenance and storage facilities appear to involve very few engineered systems because of the vast amount empty of space in the buildings. In reality, it is quite the opposite.

These buildings have Carbon Monoxide sensing and evacuation systems, back up electrical systems, air and fluid supply systems, and more. Buildings constructed in rural areas have septic systems and well systems that require storage tanks.

We have designed so many of these types of facilities that there are very few unique system scenarios that we have not seen.

Bloomington Storage Garage Exhaust Duct.
Bloomington Storage
Garage Exhaust Duct
Carlton County Maintenance Water Tank
Carlton County Maintenance Water Tank
Bloomington Storage Garage Hose Reel
Bloomington Storage
Garage Hose Reel

Coon Rapids Public Works Vehicle Maintenance

Cain Thomas provided enginnering services for the Coon Rapids public works vehicle maintenance facility.

Many of the municipal, county, and state vehicle buildings we design have maintenance areas in them. These areas become quite complex to design with the specialty equipment needed to work on the large maintenance vehicles. Our attention to design details and willingness to research needed equipment information will make the transition into the new space quite simple.

Carlton County Maintenance Building

Carlton County Maintenance Building

This facility is set in the beautiful Minnesota forests near the St. Louis River. The building is a model of energy efficiency with its geosource heating and cooling system. It also is an example of engineering excellence because of its recycled oil burning boiler, on site water supply systems, and its lighting control systems.

Coon Rapids Public Works Building


The city of Coon Rapids has invited Cain Ouse Associates to design the engineering systems for three phases of remodel and expansion at their facility. They have moved from the small rural oriented facilities built in the 1950's to the facility needed to support a major suburban city. We are privileged to have help them make the transition.